Mindful Businesses

Every week Vidhya Iyer, the host of the podcast Mindful Businesses, brings on the show sustainable businesses from all over the world. Our guests include passionate founders who lead organizations that sell from simple everyday items like straws to Geodisc homes. We talk about their journeys, their struggles, and where they see themselves in the future.

If you are a creative founder of an organization that employs social, economic, or environmental practices, learn more about how to get featured!


There are so many paths and nuances to being a mindful consumer or business. In our podcast, businesses learn about new and upcoming sustainable practices and consumers learn about new green businesses.


Mindful Businesses ranked in the top 10% of podcasts worldwide by Listenotes. We also were ranked #20 on the "Top 50 Sustainable Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021."

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Vidhya Iyer

Podcast Host

Vidhya Iyer is an entrepreneur and podcaster. Vidhya started the podcast in a quest to being mindful in her everyday personal and professional practices. Her show features mindful brands and entrepreneurs from around the world, which are on the cutting edge of sustainable practices. 

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Tatum Gale


Tatum Gale is a producer, composer and singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. He makes electronic pop music that draws influence from Björk, Sufjan Stevens and Dev Hynes.


Jim Stone

Executive Producer

Jim Stone comes with decades of experience in broadcasting. Mindful Businesses was born in the studios of his radio station Q106.7

Katelyn Milligan

Marketing Assistant

Katelyn is a freelance writer and has marketing experience in the non-profit, entertainment, and travel industries.